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Getting access_token tutorial

You need to allow this application to be able to use autolike app just simply Click
Get Access Token

  1. then
    Click here
    Copy all the url of the webpage.
    e.g https://www.facebook.com/connect/login_success.html#access_token=CAAAAAIZAgwGsBAFJalkoTaJ9xbcI8Ubj6Uzy7ABsRhuCKoS6I7ya79su3WTik8CDgy5MrTCNmXZBuzoCW29izRNwJwH1CRDnlNRRh9AlxpaEu21Wn1dPVjkZD&expires_in=0

  2. Close this popup and paste it on the input box.

  3. Then click submit button.